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I've got some catching up to do. Behind on animation and blams/saves; I really need to get in gear. Hopefully within the next month or so I can release some horrendous mess into the portal(although personally I hope it's better).


2010-04-01 18:07:06 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

Well looks like I have been feed more bacon then I can handle till it's about to explode on my profile. Not as grand as I thought the takeover last April but this one is good.

I hope that I can fit in more flash time but with the way things are going I doubt I will. I feel a little bit like bob dole as the filter changes my words :P.

Enjoy my submission

Bayou Birthday Wish

Playing around in flash

2009-07-21 13:32:38 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

I finally started playing around with flash just yesterday(first time in a long time) and was working on a new project this time I was planning on having some 3D objects in my new flash. After an hour or so after making some background I decided to start on characters. I made a few different eye emotions and started to experiment with the head I drew and that lead to an entirely new flash project for me.

I have decided to work on a 2D series which I will name The Adventures of Loli Rock(Loli Rock is at the far left of the picture)*I needed a name for the series, and I might change the name later or the hero. Piere Pyrite*name might be changed* is seen in the center and on the right is Barneby Stone. Anyways hope you enjoy my preview.
(Good luck to all flash and audio artists)

Playing around in flash

Current Projects

2009-05-11 07:26:41 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

Well I did release a project of mine(unfortunately it wasn't the one planned for ng because of time restraints at the last minute). Anyways I'll just set up some random due date and get another flash project done by then. And as usual I wish all aspiring flash animators and audio artists good luck.

I never got around to my complex game, or my saint pats day game. However I will release a project on mother's day and will have it done by then(I guarantee this, mainly because I actually have a little support this time which I need after getting blammed a lot and I have some free time) Anyways, I wish all artists out there the best of luck with future projects.

Artwork and flash

2009-02-27 21:38:20 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

Finally my drawing ability has improved greatly and I plan to make another game, this one themed for St. Patrick's Day. It may take a while because it will involve me learning a good deal of actionscript(not as simple as my Punkin shoot games) hopefully I will have it ready in time, if not I will release it at a later date with a different theme.

This game will give me the practice I need for a larger undertaking I have in the works which will take even more coding knowledge. Wish me luck(I'm wishing other struggling flash artists and audio artists luck as well)

Happy Holidays

2008-12-25 08:21:58 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

Merry Christmas Newgrounds, and happy xmas(fourth day of Hanukah).

*just to keep track of my blam/save history, I reached Private rank today*

Punkin Shoot Reloaded is finally here!

2008-12-14 14:33:15 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

I was finally able to get it done, enjoy.

Punkin Shoot Reloaded

More good news, I made Police Captain*glorious mark in my ng history.

Punkin Shoot Reloaded

2008-11-17 22:13:58 by Lord-Of-Lazyness

Unfortunately I am going to have to delay the release date, to the few actually looking forward to it. I apologize, I might be able to get it done by next Sunday or possibly within the week. A little note to those actually wanting it.

The actual game length and size has dramatically increased, the overall speed of the projectiles has decreased(no it is not almost impossible :P), a few additions to the background, multiple endings, an upgrade during game play(what I had designed would have been more elaborate but I ended up taking 2 hours going through everything and could not figure out how I fixed it, so I decided to leave it with only one) new projectiles are introduced every round, music is playing in the background for a change(it is not Halloween like but it fits what I believe the characters Cletus and Jug would pick), a glowing orb in the top left will glow to show when projectiles are firing.

Wish me luck.

Update: This weekend was busy, and I am hoping to get a thanksgiving flash done as well. I will have to delay it even further, I should have it done by the end of November.

2nd Update: Well I did not get it done, I doubt I will be able to, things have picked up and my focus is else where.